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Correct or change paychecks after they've been created

After you create your paychecks, you can review them and change them, if necessary.

To do this task

  1. Click the Payroll Center icon.

  2. In the Pay Employees section, click the Related Payroll Activities drop-down arrow, and then click Edit or Void Paychecks.

  3. Enter a date range in the Show paychecks dates from and through fields.

    What does the date represent?

    What does the date represent?
  4. Highlight the paycheck you want to edit.

  5. Click Edit.

    What you can't change on a paycheck

  6. At the Paycheck window, you can change the check number, check date, bank account, or employee's address.

    Note: If you are an Assisted Payroll customer and you've already sent the paycheck to the Assisted Payroll service, you cannot change the paycheck date.

  7. To make other changes, click Paycheck Detail.

    The Review Paycheck window opens. This window provides Lock Net Pay, which means that you can safely edit certain paycheck details without recalculating the net amount of the paycheck.

    Can I change the sick or vacation time balance on a paycheck?

    Yes. On the top right of the paycheck, enter the sick or vacation time balance as of that paycheck.

    Important: The changes you make on a saved paycheck don't affect paychecks entered after that date. To make sure your records are accurate, you also need to:

    • Update the sick or vacation time on each paycheck from that point forward

    • Edit the employee's sick or vacation information in the Employee Center so that future paychecks will show correct amounts of sick and vacation time

  8. Click OK to close the Review Paycheck window.

  9. Click Save & Close to record any changes and close the Paycheck window.

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