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Give an employee a refund for a payroll deduction

If you've deducted too much for a non-tax payroll deduction, such as health insurance, you need to give the employee a refund.

If the employee is still on your payroll

Write a paycheck to the employee.

  • In the Preview Paychecks window, leave the Earnings section empty. (Delete salary payroll items by pressing Ctrl+Del. For hourly payroll items, do not enter any hours.)

  • In the Employee Summary section, enter a positive amount for the appropriate payroll item (click Yes in the message that QuickBooks displays), and record the paycheck.

When you write the paycheck, QuickBooks adjusts the liability for the payroll item. Do not enter a liability adjustment in addition.

If the employee no longer works for you

  1. Use the Write Checks window to write the employee a "regular" check.

  2. Adjust the liability for this employee for the appropriate period.

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