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Delete paychecks

You should rarely need to delete a paycheck. However, you might want to delete a paycheck if you inadvertently created a duplicate check or if you need to change the amount of a check and none of the alternatives to voiding or deleting accomplish what you want.

You cannot delete a paycheck if you have sent it to direct deposit or to the Assisted Payroll service.

If the paycheck appears in the Check Register with a green lightening bolt icon next to it, it has already been sent to direct deposit or to the Assisted Payroll service, and you cannot delete it.

To do this task

Note: We recommend that you back up your data before you delete paychecks.

  1. Click the Payroll Center icon.

  2. In the Pay Employees section, click the Related Payroll Activities drop-down arrow, and then click Edit or Void Paychecks.

    Note: If you don't have payroll, go to the Employees menu and then click Edit or Void Paychecks.

  3. Enter a date range in the Show Paychecks from and through fields, and press the Tab key to display the checks.

    What does the date represent?

    By default, the Edit/Void Paychecks window displays all of the paychecks that were created with check dates between yesterday and two months from now. To specify a different date range, change the values in the Show paychecks from and through fields and press Tab.

    What if the paycheck you want to void or edit isn't displayed?

  4. Click to select the paycheck you want to delete.

  5. Right-click to open the Edit menu and then click Delete Paycheck.

How does deleting a paycheck affect the year-to-date amounts?

  • If you void or delete the most recent paycheck, QuickBooks updates the year-to-date figures to reflect the change.

  • If you void or delete an earlier paycheck, the year-to-date figures on subsequent recorded paychecks will be correct on pay stubs, paychecks, and in the Review Paycheck window, but not in the Preview Paycheck window.

  • The year-to-date figures for paychecks you write in the future will be correct.

If the deleted paycheck was for a previous quarter or year for which tax returns have already been filed, you may need to amend and file corrected payroll taxes. If you are an Assisted Payroll customer, you should contact QuickBooks Assisted Payroll support to start the amendment process. (You may be charged a fee for this service.)

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