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Make changes to an existing paycheck in Lock Net Pay mode

You are starting to make changes to this paycheck while it is in Locked Net Pay mode. While in Locked Net Pay mode, you can make certain changes to the paycheck without recalculating the gross and net pay.

For example, you can:

  • Make changes to the Earnings table, such as adding an earnings payroll item or changing a class, if class tracking is turned on.
  • Select or clear the Do not accrue sick/vac option and have the balances update.
  • Add or remove sick or vacation payroll item and have the balances update.
  • Select or clear the "Use Direct Deposit" checkbox.

While in Lock Net Pay mode, you cannot:

  • Make changes to the amounts in the Other Payroll Items, Company Summary, and Employee Summary tables.
  • Select or clear the Enter net/Calculate gross checkbox, if applicable.

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