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Using an older copy of a tax table to edit a paycheck you already calculated

This is usually an error. Some common causes of this error include:

  • You re-installed QuickBooks but have not yet re-downloaded the tax tables you used to create this paycheck. You should download the latest tax tables.

  • You work in a multi-user environment. A co-worker downloaded the latest tax tables and created paychecks. But you haven't downloaded the latest tax tables and now you are trying to edit one of those paychecks. You should download the latest payroll updates before proceeding.

  • You have downloaded the 1-Time Tax Table Download, but you do not have your own QuickBooks Payroll subscription. Now you are viewing a company file belonging to a company with a QuickBooks Payroll subscription. You should open the company file in the payroll subscriber's copy of QuickBooks and edit the paychecks there.

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