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Using a newer tax table to calculate a paycheck that you already created

You'll usually get this message when you're trying to edit a paycheck that you created earlier. Generally, this is not a good idea, because the paycheck will recalculate. This could adversely affect the data in QuickBooks, especially if the paycheck belongs to a previous quarter. For example, if you have already submitted a quarterly payroll tax form and this paycheck recalculates, your tax liability may change and you might have to re-file your tax form.

Alternatives to editing a paycheck you already created

Alternative paths depend on why you want to edit the paycheck:

  • If you underpaid your employee, it might be better simply to create a new paycheck for them.

  • If the paycheck you're trying to edit is in the current quarter, and you either haven't issued the check yet or have received it back from the employee, you can void this check and create a new one.

  • If you need to change the amount of a payroll item, you should make up the difference on a subsequent check.

Situations where the paycheck won't recalculate

There are only two fields that you can edit which will not cause the paycheck to re-calculate: Customer:Job and Class. If you go ahead and edit these fields, you should make sure that the check amounts are the same after you save the check.

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