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Alternatives to voiding a paycheck

You should rarely need to void a paycheck. Remember that voiding a paycheck is not like voiding other kinds of checks; paychecks have associated tax and other liability calculations and payments that need to be taken into consideration.

Before you void a paycheck in QuickBooks, consider the following alternatives:

If you're voiding because


Do this instead

A paycheck was lost or destroyed


Reprint and reissue the check


The employee was overpaid


Correct the overpayment on the next payroll


The employee was underpaid


Issue an unscheduled payroll check or correct the underpayment on the next payroll


A paycheck item, other than the amount, is incorrect


Edit the paycheck information


The pay period dates are wrong


Change the pay period on the paycheck


One of the settings for a payroll item (such as rate or limit) has changed


Edit the payroll item

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