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Edit or update a payroll schedule


Making changes to a payroll schedule automatically affects all the employees who're assigned to it. If you try to change the dates from the Enter Payroll Information window, your changes will only affect the current pay period and will not have an affect on the next upcoming pay period dates for the payroll schedule in the Pay Employees section of the Payroll Center. Make changes directly from the Edit Payroll Schedule window to affect all upcoming payroll schedules.

Instead of editing the dates of the current schedule, you might want to run Unscheduled Payroll if you want to pay employees off-cycle.

In addition to updating a payroll schedule, you can also delete a payroll schedule or make a payroll schedule inactive.

To do this task

  1. Open the Edit Payroll Schedule window.

    Note: You can only open the Edit Payroll Schedule window if there are payroll schedules already set up.

    1. Open the Payroll Schedule List window in one of the following ways:

      • Go to the Employees menu and then click Add or Edit Payroll Schedules.

      • Click the Payroll Center icon. From the Pay Employees section, click the Related Payroll Activities button and then click Add or Edit Payroll Schedules.

    2. From the Payroll Schedule List window, click to select the payroll schedule you want to edit, click the Payroll Schedule button, and then click Edit Payroll Schedule.

  2. Click the drop-down arrows for the fields you want to edit and update information by following the procedure for setting up a payroll schedule.

    Note: If the payroll schedule has employees assigned to it, you see a warning message when you update the payroll schedule. If you still choose to update the payroll schedule, click Yes to update the payroll schedule (or pay frequency) for all the employees who're assigned to it. If you choose not to update the payroll schedule, click No.

    The Pay Frequency field in the Employee record updates accordingly when you update the Payroll Schedule field.

  3. Click OK.

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