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Recreate paychecks from a scheduled payroll run

After voiding or deleting paychecks that were created using a payroll schedule, you'll need to recreate those paychecks that were voided or deleted.

To recreate some paychecks for those employees whose paychecks you voided or deleted from the scheduled payroll run:

  1. Create paychecks using Unscheduled Payroll to pay only those employees whose paychecks you voided or deleted.

  2. Make sure that the dates in the Pay Period Ends and Check Date fields match the dates of the voided or deleted paychecks.

To create all of the voided or deleted paychecks from the scheduled payroll run, you'll need to recreate all these paychecks. However, the payroll schedule dates that appear in the Payroll Center have already advanced to the next pay period (even though paychecks haven't been created because you voided or deleted them).

  1. Edit the payroll schedule and reset the dates to match the dates of the payroll run, from which all the paychecks were voided or deleted.

    After you finish editing the payroll schedule, the new schedule that appears in the Payroll Center shows the dates of the missed pay period.

  2. Pay your employees using the payroll schedule.

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