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What information appears on paystubs or vouchers for previously generated paychecks?

How year-to-date amounts are calculated on a pay stub

When you print a paystub or voucher for a previously generated paycheck, only the following data is included:

  • Items that were used on all paychecks created for this employee from January 1 of the current year through the check date of this ( previously generated) paycheck. However, the employee's marital status and withholding status do not appear on the pay stub.

  • Items used on paychecks with the same check date as this paycheck, regardless of the order in which they were created.

  • Items on this paycheck.

If you created payroll items after the check date, they will not appear or affect the data on the paystub or voucher. If a paycheck was later voided, edited, or deleted, the changes are reflected on the paystub.

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