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What you cannot modify on the paycheck

You can't modify the following information on a paycheck:

  • Payee

  • Amount

If you need to change the payee for a paycheck, you can delete the incorrect check and create a new paycheck for the correct payee.

If the amount of the paycheck is inaccurate, click Paycheck Detail and enter the changes needed for the payroll items listed for the check. When you enter the changes, QuickBooks recalculates the amount of the check.

Note: If you're using direct deposit or the Assisted Payroll service and you've sent the paycheck for processing, you cannot delete the check or change the net pay amount.

If you are in Lock Net Pay mode, you can make changes that don't affect the net pay amount, such as modifying the details in the Earnings section or the sick and vacation accrual. About locking and unlocking net pay on a paycheck.

If you're using the Assisted Payroll service, and you've sent the paycheck to the payroll service, you can still modify the following information on the paycheck:

  • Memo

  • Check number

  • Print status

  • Cleared status (for reconciling)

  • Bank account you wrote the check from

  • Expense and liability accounts affected (by editing the payroll items)

  • Class or customer/job

If you modify a paycheck, the edited check information is resubmitted to the payroll service the next time you send payroll data.

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