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Check date vs. pay period end date

Paycheck Date

  • The check date is the date when employees know they are getting paid. It is the date you want the paycheck to affect your bank account. For example, your pay period end date could be Friday, April 14, but your paycheck date is 5 business days later on the following Friday, April 21. The IRS bases your tax liability and that of your employees on the check date. For example, if you pay an employee in January 2007 for time worked in December 2006, the income is reported on the employee's 2007 W-2 form.

  • QuickBooks uses this date when it runs reports.

Pay Period

  • A pay period is the duration of time for which you are paying your employee wages. The pay period ends date is the last date of the pay period you have specified for a specific pay schedule; that is, it is the last date of the pay period that you want this paycheck to cover.

  • QuickBooks uses this date to calculate how many weeks an employee has worked in a year and the time information to include in the paycheck.

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