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Write a paycheck based on hours entered

When you write a paycheck based on time data, QuickBooks automatically fills in the payroll hours you have tracked for that employee.

To do this task

  1. Make sure time tracking is turned on.

    If not, turn on time tracking.

    Note: When you turn on time tracking, the already selected Use time data to create paychecks option appears in the Payroll and Compensation Info Change tab of the Edit Employee window.

  2. Enter time using weekly timesheets or as a single activity entry.

    The time you enter for the employee is copied to the Enter Payroll Information window when you pay the employee.

  3. Pay your employees using a payroll schedule or using unscheduled payroll.

  4. In the Enter Payroll Information window, click an employee's name or click Open Paycheck Detail to open the first paycheck in the stack and then click Save & Next to navigate through the stack.

    In the Preview Paycheck window, QuickBooks displays a breakdown of hours worked for each job and each payroll item in the earnings section. It includes sick and vacation time from the timesheet.

  5. Make changes if needed.


  • If the hours don't appear on the paycheck, you may not have set up the employee so that QuickBooks bases the employee's paychecks on time data, or there may not be any time data for this period.

  • If the rates for the Overtime Pay payroll items appear wrong, the Earnings table might be listing them in the wrong order. This sometimes happens when an employee has more than one Regular Pay payroll item, and you transfer time information from a timesheet to a paycheck. For more, see How Overtime Pay payroll items work.

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