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Preview and change a paycheck before it's printed

Why should I preview a paycheck?

From the Enter Payroll Information window, you can preview the paycheck details of all the employees you've selected to pay and make any changes to their paychecks. Open the Preview Paycheck window by clicking a checked employee's name to open that employee's paycheck or click Open Paycheck Detail to open the first selected employee's paycheck and then click Save & Next to go to the paycheck you want to preview.

To do this task

  1. Review or change information in the Earnings and Other Payroll Items sections.

  2. Review the information in the Employee Summary section.

  3. Review the information in the Company Summary section.

  4. To navigate between other paychecks in the stack, click Save & Previous or Save & Next.

  5. Click Save & Close when you're done to return to the Enter Payroll Information window.

Any paycheck that you change in the Preview Paycheck window appears with a yellow background on the Enter Payroll Information window to remind you that you have changed the paycheck information.

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