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Enter sick or vacation hours on a paycheck

To do this task

  1. Start paying your employees.

    If you're using payroll schedules, create paychecks using a payroll schedule. If you're not using payroll schedules, create paychecks using Unscheduled Payroll.

  2. Click the employee name for whom you want to enter sick or vacation hours.

  3. In the Preview Paycheck window that opens, enter the number of hours decreased by the amount of sick or vacation time specified in the employee's salary or hourly wage payroll items.

    QuickBooks time formats

    For example, based on a 40-hour work week, you would enter 32 hours if the employee took 8 hours of sick time.

    Can I stop sick and vacation hours from accruing?

  4. Click the first blank line in the Item Name column of the Earnings section.

  5. Choose the appropriate payroll item from the list and enter the number of sick or vacation hours in the Hours column.

    QuickBooks time formats

    For example, you would enter 8 sick hours for this employee. QuickBooks calculates the rate for sick or vacation hours using the employee's salary or the first hourly rate for hourly employees.

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