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Who have I paid this month?

You can create a list of the employees you have paid during a calendar month using the Payroll Transactions by Payee report.

This list can help you identify how you have exceeded the limits of your payroll service plan level.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Reports menu, click Employees & Payroll and then click Payroll Transactions by Payee.

  2. Click the Dates drop-down arrow and then click This Month (or Last Month or Next Month, depending on which month you need to see).

When we calculate how many employees you have paid during a calendar month:

  • We use the paycheck date to establish the calendar month.

  • We count all the employees you are attempting to pay in the current payroll.

  • We count any additional employees you have paid previously with paychecks dated in the same month.

    Each employee counts only once regardless of how many times you pay that employee during the month.

  • We subtract any terminated employees you release in QuickBooks on or before the paycheck date.

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