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Enter net pay and let QuickBooks calculate the gross amount

If you subscribe to QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll or Enhanced Payroll for Accountants, you can enter the net dollar amount of the check in the Check Amount field, and QuickBooks will calculate and add the proper tax withholding and deductions to this amount. This feature is very useful for creating checks, for example, bonus checks, on which you want to "gross up" to the net amount.

To do this task

  1. Start paying your employees by using a payroll schedule or by running unscheduled payroll.

  2. From the Enter Payroll Information window, click the name of the employee whose paycheck you want to preview or click Paycheck Detail to open the first paycheck in the stack. Click Save & Next to go to the next paycheck in the stack.

  3. In the Preview Paycheck window, click Enter net/Calculate gross and enter the net check amount in the Check Amount field.

    Although QuickBooks calculates and deducts the appropriate taxes, selecting Enter net/Calculate gross allows you to give employees the entire amount as their net pay.

  4. Click Save & Close and then continue to follow the procedure to pay employees.

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