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A payroll item has reached its limit

When an employee reaches the limit you defined for a payroll item, that payroll item ceases to calculate on the employee's paycheck.

Where does QuickBooks get the limit for the payroll item?

You define the limits for payroll items in two places: on the payroll item itself and/or on the employee record. If you enter a limit in both places, QuickBooks uses the lower of the two to determine when to stop calculating the item for the employee.

What if the payroll item reached the wrong limit

  • If every employee has their own limit, you should avoid setting a limit for the payroll item itself. If you already entered a limit on the payroll item, simply delete it.

  • If there is only one possible limit for the item for all employees, you should enter the limit on the payroll item only and not enter it on individual employee records. That way you will avoid forgetting to update an individual employee's record when the limit changes.

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