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Other Payroll Items

This part of the window shows the deductions, additions, company contributions, and other (miscellaneous state and local) taxes that appear on the employee's regular paycheck.

Payroll items based on quantity. If the employee has additions, deductions, company contributions, or other taxes based on quantity, enter the quantity for those items in the Quantity column.

Note: If a payroll item is based on hours the employee worked, QuickBooks populates the Quantity column with the sum total of hours in the Earnings table. QuickBooks will include hours assigned to Sick Pay and Vacation Pay items in this total if you checked the Include Sick and Vacation hours checkbox on the Calculate based on quantity screen of the payroll item wizard.

Additions, deductions, and company contributions not shown. If the employee is to receive a deduction, addition, or company contribution not shown in the list, click the first blank line in the Item Name column. Then choose a payroll item, or choose for a new payroll item.

You can't add payroll tax items in this window. You must add them to the employee record.

Deleting an addition, deduction, or company contribution. If a payroll item shown doesn't apply to this paycheck, you can delete it from the list. Select the item and then press Ctrl+Del. To show the year-to-date total for the item on the paycheck, leave the item on the list and enter the amount as zero.

You can't delete or edit the rate of other tax payroll items in this window. You must delete them in the Other tab of the Taxes window on an employee record.

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