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Write a termination check

To do this task

Open the window, select the employees to pay, and enter their release dates

  1. Open the Enter Payroll Information for terminating employees window.

  2. Click in the Checkmark column to select the employee who is being terminated.

    Why are all my employees showing up?

  3. Click the calendar that appears in the Release Date column when you Checkmark the employee and then select the employee's release date. What is a release date?

    A release date is the last day that the employee worked or will work and the last day for any deduction of taxes from the employee's paycheck.

Enter payroll information

  1. Make sure the information that appears in the Payroll Information section is correct.

  2. Verify the hours worked and the amounts for each employee you want to create a paycheck for.

    You can quickly enter information in the fields in the Enter Payroll Information window.

  3. Make sure to pay out any vacation hours that are owed to the employee and stop the accrual of vacation and sick time.

    1. Open the Preview Paycheck window by either clicking the employee's name and opening that employee's paycheck or clicking the Open Paycheck Detail button.

    2. Click in the Earnings section to start a new line and then click the drop-down arrow to select the vacation payroll item, and enter the vacation time available in the Hours column.

      The amount of vacation time available to the employee appears in the area to the right of the Earnings table.

    3. Click the Do not accrue sick/vac checkbox.

  4. Use the Preview Paycheck window to make other edits in the employee's paycheck.

    How to use the Preview Paycheck window?

  5. Click Continue.

    A message appears, asking whether you want to make the employee inactive or keep the employee active. What are the differences between active and inactive employees?

Review the paycheck summary and create paychecks

  1. Review the information in the Review and Create Paychecks window, and make changes if necessary.

  2. Click Create Paychecks.

    Note: When you create the paycheck, the employee's record is updated with the release date information. Before writing the termination paycheck, you could also manually update the employee's record with the release date information.

Print and distribute paychecks

The Confirmation and Next Steps window opens from where you can complete your payroll run.

Note: If you need to print paychecks and pay stubs at later time, after the window closes, you can do so from within QuickBooks. How?

Assisted Payroll only: You can also send your payroll information at a later time (as long as you send it two business days before the paycheck date), after the window closes.

Go to the File menu and then click Send Forms. Using the Select Forms to Send window.

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