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What is Unscheduled Payroll?

Unscheduled Payroll is designed to be used for those times when you need to create a check for an employee outside of their regular or scheduled payroll run or if you don't want to use payroll schedules.

Use payroll schedules to run your payroll and run unscheduled payroll for special occasions when you need to create paychecks that are not considered as part of the regular payroll. Examples of unscheduled payroll are annual bonus payments or any paychecks that are outside the regular payroll run.

Note: If you haven't set up payroll schedules, you can always use unscheduled payroll to pay your employees at each pay period by clicking the Pay Employees button.

Important: The Pay Employees button changes to Unscheduled Payroll after you set up payroll schedules.

Bonus paychecks

Click Unscheduled Payroll to pay an annual bonus.

Note: For bonus payments and other payroll items that are incidental or annual, determine whether it should be part of the regular payroll or unscheduled payroll. How do I know?

How do I create an Unscheduled Payroll check?

Termination paychecks

Although termination paychecks are unscheduled, click the Related Payroll Activities button in the Pay Employees section and then click Create Termination Check to run termination paychecks.

How do I create a termination check?

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