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Pay employees using a payroll schedule (write paychecks)


paying employees


Tutorial Watch a 5-minute tutorial on paying employees

Before you start paying employees using a payroll schedule

  1. Check to see that you have a current payroll update.

    QuickBooks cannot compute payroll taxes accurately unless you have a current payroll update.

  2. Set up at least one payroll schedule.

    How do I set up a payroll schedule?

  3. Assign employees to the payroll schedule.

    How do payroll schedules get assigned to employees?

To do this task

  1. Open the Enter Payroll Information for employees window.

  2. Make sure that all the employees who're assigned to this payroll schedule are listed. All the employees you want to pay should have a Checkmark next to their name.

    Why aren't all my employees listed?

Enter payroll information

  1. Make sure the information that appears in the Payroll Information section is correct.

  2. Verify the hours worked and the amounts for each employee you want to create a paycheck for. You can quickly enter information in the fields in the Enter Payroll Information window. How?

  3. If necessary, display the employee's paycheck to make changes. How?

    If you need to edit other information in the employee's paycheck, make changes in the Preview Paycheck window by either clicking the employee's name and opening that employee's paycheck or clicking the Open Paycheck Detail button and then navigating through the stack of paychecks of the employees selected for this payrun by clicking Save & Next.

    How to use the Preview Paycheck window?

  4. Click Continue.

    Note: Alternatively, you can click Finish Later if you haven't completed all your payroll changes and need to come back to payroll processing later. Any changes you have made to this scheduled payroll are saved. The scheduled payroll appears in italics in the Pay Employees section of the Payroll Center, and you can resume work on it by selecting it and clicking the Resume Scheduled Payroll button.

Review the paycheck summary and create paychecks

  1. Review the summary information in the Review and Create Paychecks window, and make changes if necessary.

  2. Click Create Paychecks.

Print and distribute paychecks

The Confirmation and Next Steps window opens from where you can complete your payroll run.

Note: If you need to print paychecks and pay stubs at later time, after the window closes, you can do so from within QuickBooks. How?

Assisted Payroll only: You can also send your payroll information at a later time (as long as you send it two business days before the paycheck date), after the window closes.

Go to the File menu and then click Send Forms. Using the Select Forms to Send window.

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