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Pay Employees overview

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You can set up payroll schedules or run payroll without a schedule. A payroll run that is set up to occur at a regular frequency is scheduled, while payroll that you might run only for special circumstances or outside your regular payroll run is "Unscheduled Payroll".

Use payroll schedules for regular payroll, and Unscheduled Payroll for other instances when you need to pay your employees outside their pay cycle. You set up payroll schedules, while Unscheduled Payroll runs are done on-the-fly, as and when you need to pay an employee off-cycle.

Note: You can pay employees without using payroll schedules by clicking the Pay Employees button. The Pay Employees button changes to Unscheduled Payroll after you set up payroll schedules.

Although you can pay employees without using payroll schedules, using payroll schedules is more efficient and convenient for running your regular payroll.Why?

When you use payroll schedules, QuickBooks automatically determines the payroll processing dates for each pay period, taking into account weekends and bank holidays. You set up your payroll schedule one-time and assign employees to it, and QuickBooks creates payroll schedules, based on the frequency you set up, for each upcoming pay period.

When should I use payroll schedules?

Use payroll schedules to pay employees at each pay period. More about payroll schedules ...

When should I not use a payroll schedule?

Don't use a payroll schedule when you need to pay employees off-cycle from their regular pay day. Use Unscheduled Payroll to write off-cycle checks, or bonus checks that are not included in the employee's regular paycheck.

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