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Get started with paying employees

Tutorial Watch a 5-minute tutorial on paying employees

You can start paying your employees in any one of the following ways:

  • By clicking the Pay Employees button.

  • By clicking the Start Scheduled Payroll button. If you click the Start Scheduled Payroll button, you'll be prompted to set up payroll schedules before you can start paying your employees.

More about setting up paying employees using payroll schedules ...

After you set up a payroll schedule, QuickBooks asks whether you want to assign employees who have the same pay frequency to the payroll schedule. You have the option of doing this now or assigning the payroll schedule to employees in your company at a later time.

Note: If an employee's pay frequency doesn't match the pay frequency you've set up in your payroll schedules, then that employee will not be assigned to a payroll schedule. You can either set up a new payroll schedule to match the employee's pay frequency or assign the employee to the payroll schedules you've already set up.

Although you also have an option of paying your employees using Unscheduled Payroll, using payroll schedules is a more convenient and efficient way to pay your employees each pay period. Why?

When you use payroll schedules, QuickBooks automatically determines the payroll processing dates for each pay period, taking into account weekends and bank holidays. You set up your payroll schedule one-time and assign employees to it, and QuickBooks creates payroll schedules, based on the frequency you set up, for each upcoming pay period.

To do this task

  1. Click the Employee Center icon and then click the Payroll Center tab.

    What if Payroll menu options aren't there?

    Go to the Employees menu, click Payroll, and then click Learn About Payroll Options.

  2. If you're using payroll schedules, from the Pay Employees section, click Start Scheduled Payroll.

    You'll have the following options:

    • Click Set up Now to open the New Payroll Schedule window from where you can set up payroll schedules.

    • Click Cancel to close the message. To set up payroll schedules at a later time, click the Related Payroll Activities drop-down arrow and then click Add or Edit Payroll Schedules.

  3. If you're not using payroll schedules, click Pay Employees to pay your employees using Unscheduled Payroll.

    Note: The Pay Employees button changes to Unscheduled Payroll after you set up payroll schedules.

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