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Why can't I change or add information in a gray cell?

Gray cells in the Enter Payroll Information window mean that you can't edit them. You can't directly type information in these cells. Gray cells appear because:

  • Not all payroll items apply to each employee. The payroll item might not exist for one employee, but the column appears because it is used in another employee's paycheck. If a column is for a payroll item that applies to one employee but not another, the cell is gray for the employee that doesn't have that payroll item in their employee record.

    How do I add this payroll item to the employee's paycheck?

  • Gray cells that have a blue number represent a sum total of the same payroll item, used multiple times at different rates (for example, you might pay the same employee an hourly rate of $10 for one job and an hourly rate of $25 for another job). To change the blue number in a gray cell, make your changes in the Preview Paycheck window by either clicking the employee's name and opening that employee's paycheck or by clicking the Open Paycheck Detail button and then navigating through the stack of paychecks of the employees selected for this payrun by clicking Save & Next.

    How do I make changes in the Preview Paycheck window?

    Note: You can't enter hours in the Total Hours column. It updates automatically when the number of hours change.

  • You can't add or change the information in the columns that appear when you click the Sort By drop-down arrow. You can only change the information that appears in these columns from the Employee record.

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