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Complete your payroll run

The Confirmation and Next Steps window opens when you click Create Paychecks. This window provides confirmation that you have finished processing your payroll run and provides information on the steps that you need to take to complete the payroll run.

To do this task

  1. Click Print paychecks or Print pay stubs, or both.

    How to print paychecks?

    How to print pay stubs?

  2. If you subscribe to Direct Deposit or you're an Assisted Payroll customer, click Send Payroll to Intuit to send your paychecks to Intuit for processing from this window.

    Note: If you don't use Direct Deposit or Assisted Payroll, you will not see the Send Payroll to Intuit button.

    If you don't take these steps to complete your payroll run, a warning message appears when you click Close. From the message window, you can click Send Payroll Now or click Send Payroll Later. You'll be reminded that you have checks to send whenever you open QuickBooks if you choose the latter option.

    To send paychecks after you have closed the Confirmation and Next Steps window, click the Related Payroll Activities button from the Pay Employees section, click Send Payroll Data and then follow the instructions.

  3. Click Close.

    If you're using payroll schedules, the next pay period's payroll schedule appears in the Pay Employees section of the Payroll Center.

    If you have more employees to pay on this payroll schedule for this pay period, check the Do not advance the dates of this payroll schedule in the Payroll Center before you click Close. (If you leave this box unchecked, any changes you made to employee paychecks that were not included in this payroll run are reverted.)

  4. Distribute your employees' paychecks or paystubs to them the way you normally do.

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