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Use the Enter Payroll Information window

enter payroll information window

The Enter Payroll Information window is primarily used to view the list of employees you're paying, select the employees to pay from that list (if you're not using payroll schedules), quickly review their hours worked, and make changes in the window itself, if necessary, without opening individual paychecks. You can also group your list of employees by selecting different sort criteria.

How do I use the Enter Payroll Information window?

The table in the Enter Payroll Information window is to help you review your employees' paycheck information and add or make changes quickly, without opening their paycheck details. Type directly in the table to enter or change a number or amount. For example, if hours are wrong for an employee, you can quickly change it from here and QuickBooks updates the Total Hours for you. When you change an employee's paycheck information and move away from that row, QuickBooks saves the information and changes the background for that employee row to yellow to remind you that you have made changes. To undo changes and revert the paycheck to its original values, right-click on the row and click Revert Paycheck.

Important: Each earnings item column name is the name you gave the payroll item when you set up payroll items. For example, if you set up a payroll item called Hourly Rate, all you need to enter in the column is the number of hours worked.

For example:

For hourly wage items ... Enter the number of hours worked in this pay period.
For salary wage items ... Enter the number of hours worked in this pay period, if your local or state jurisdiction requires you to track salary hours for tax reporting purposes or if your business tracks salaried hours for sick and vacation accrual purposes. However, if you do not track time for salaried employees, use the Show/Hide button to hide this column. Note: Hours entered in the salary column do not affect the amount of pay. This information is used for tracking and reporting purposes only.
For vacation wage items ... Enter the number of vacation hours in this pay period, if applicable.
For sick wage items ... Enter the number of sick hours in this pay period, if applicable.
For bonus pay items ... Enter a dollar amount, if applicable.
For commission pay items ... Enter a dollar amount, if applicable.

Why can't I see all my payroll items?

How do I add or remove a column?

How do I see my employees' paycheck details?

You can view and make changes to the details of an employee's paycheck in the Preview Paycheck window by clicking the employee's name from the list, or you can click the Open Paycheck Detail button. The first selected employee's paycheck appears when you click the button. Click the Save & Previous and Save & Next buttons to go through the paycheck stack.

Note: The Open Paycheck Detail button is grayed out until an employee is selected to be paid (unless you're running a payroll schedule, in which case all the employees assigned to the schedule are selected by default). You select an employee by clicking in the Checkmark column in the same row as the employee's name.

How to use the Preview Paycheck window?

Why can't I add or change information in a gray cell?

Why aren't all my employees listed in this window (scheduled payroll)?

Why are all my employees listed (unscheduled payroll or termination payroll)?

How do I sort the list in this window?

Use the Sort By drop-down arrow to add selected columns and sort the list of employees by your chosen criteria.

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