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Sort employee list in Enter Payroll Information window

Sorting allows you to organize the way the employee list appears in the Employee column of the Enter Payroll Information window.

  • Sorting gives you a way to group the list of employees by your chosen criteria, making it easier for you to view the list. For example, if you sort by class, all the employees belonging to the same class will appear grouped together.

    You can also use payroll schedules to group employees, as long as they have the same pay frequency.

  • Sorting also makes it easier for you to make changes to employees' paycheck details. For example, you promised a bonus to all the employees who're in the Class Contractor. After you sort by Class, all the employees who belong to the Class Contractor appear grouped together, which makes it easier for you to enter an amount in the Bonus column for these employees.

To do this task

  1. Start paying your employees.

    If you're using payroll schedules, create paychecks using a payroll schedule. If you're not using payroll schedules, create paychecks using Unscheduled Payroll.

  2. To sort the list of employees, click the Sort By drop-down arrow and make a selection to sort by. You can sort by the following criteria (the columns appear when you click the selection):

    • Employee Name (the default sort order)

    • Class

    • Employee Number

    • Last Check Date

    • Last Pay Period End Date

    • Pay Frequency

    Note: You can't add or change information directly in the columns that appear when you select sort criteria. To change any of the information that appears in the sort columns, you'll need to make the change in the Employee record.

  3. To remove a sort column from the Enter Payroll Information window, click the Show/Hide button.

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