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Create a different version of the payroll summary report

  1. Click Customize Report at the top of the report.

  2. Click the Filters tab.

  3. Select Name from the Filter scroll box.

  4. Click the Name drop-down list and choose All vendors.

  5. Select Payroll Item from the Filter scroll box.

  6. Click the Payroll Item drop-down list and choose All State.

  7. Select Paid Through from the Filter scroll box.

  8. Click the Paid Through drop-down list and choose Last Quarter.

    If you made a payment during the last quarter for a previous quarter, you'll have to subtract the payment from your report totals.

  9. Click OK.

    If you see a message saying the report will be blank, click OK and ignore the message.

  10. On the Display tab, change the date range to All.

  11. Click the Columns drop-down list and choose Vendor.

  12. Click OK.

  13. To create a more meaningful title, click the Header/Footer tab. In the Report Title field, enter Payroll payments by vendor, and click OK.

  14. Click Memorize to memorize this report for future use.

Use this report to note the total for the vendor to whom you pay your state tax deposits. Be sure to add the amount for "Total taxes withheld" to the amount for "Total employer taxes and contributions," and add any overpayment applied from a previous quarter.

Important: This report will be blank if you haven't paid any liabilities.

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