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If you have been using a memorized transaction to pay liabilities

Do not continue to use a memorized transaction from a previous version of QuickBooks or Quicken to pay your payroll liabilities. Instead, pay your payroll liabilities by using the Pay Liabilities window.

If you have been using a memorized transaction to pay liabilities in this version of QuickBooks, you must associate these payments with payroll items.

To associate memorized transactions with payroll items

  1. Go to the Employees menu and click Payroll Setup. Shortcut

  2. Click Step 5 and follow the onscreen instructions.

  3. Click Next until you see the Enter prior payments screen, and click Create.

  4. For each payment made by memorized check in this version of QuickBooks, enter the payment date and the end date of the liability period.

  5. Enter each payroll item and its amount that the memorized check covered. If the check paid social security or Medicare, be sure to enter both the employee payroll item and the company payroll item.

  6. Click Accounts Affected, select Do not affect accounts, and click OK.

  7. Click Next Payment to enter information for another memorized check.

  8. After entering information about the last memorized check, click Done.

  9. Click Finish.

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