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Check the date your payroll liabilities are paid through

When you paid your liabilities in the Pay Liabilities window, QuickBooks used the date in the "through" field to fill in fields for Form 940 and Form 941 and to calculate the amounts due. You can look at the liability check QuickBooks created to see the date your liabilities were paid through.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Lists menu and click Chart of Accounts. Shortcut

  2. Double-click the account from which you make payroll liability payments.

  3. Select the liability check you want to see (look for a check with LIAB CHK in the Type field), and click the Edit Transaction button on the register.

  4. Check the date in the Payment for payroll liabilities through field.

    For example, if you entered a tax payment on September 10 for tax you owed as of August 31, the date should be 8/31 (with the year).

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