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When should the payroll tax amount be positive and when should it be negative?

  • To increase what you owe for a payroll item, enter a positive amount.

    If a positive adjustment is for an employee, QuickBooks displays a message suggesting that you make the adjustment on a paycheck instead of here. For most flat-rate taxes supported by the tax table, QuickBooks automatically adds the missing amount on the next paycheck. For other taxes, company-paid benefits, and nontax deductions, you can increase the amount by editing it on a paycheck.

    Note: If you have additional pay periods in this reporting period, let the auto-correcting function in QuickBooks make the adjustments for you. If you don't have any additional pay periods, then you can enter a liability adjustment for the payroll item.

  • To decrease what you owe for a payroll item, enter a negative amount.

    If you deducted too much for a nontax deduction, you can write a paycheck to refund the funds to the employee. If you write such a check, do not also enter a liability adjustment.

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