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Accrual year for sick and vacation time

An employee's accrual year is the 12-month period over which an employee accrues sick or vacation time.

Example: Let's say you grant your employees 6 days of vacation every year. But you don't give them 6 days automatically at the beginning of the year. Instead, the employees earn—or accrue—a little bit of that time with every pay period until, by the end of the year, they've accrued the entire 6 days.

You set the accrual year on either the employee defaults or on the employee record.

You can set an accrual day to begin on any day of the year. You can set it to begin on January 1, if you tie accruals to the calendar year. Or you can set it to start on the employee's hire date, if you tie accruals to that date.

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