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Enter wage and salary information

Have you set up payroll items?

Have you set up payroll items?

To do this task

  1. Click Employee Center.

  2. Click Manage Employee Information at the top of the list and click Change New Employee Default Settings.

  3. Fill in the Earnings section of the Employee Defaults window.

    If you pay by the hour

    If you pay salaries


    • Do not enter an hourly rate or an annual salary unless you pay most employees at the same rate or salary.

    • Do not enter overtime, sick, or vacation payroll items in the Earnings section. If you do, QuickBooks displays them on all paychecks for all employees.

  4. Click the Payroll Schedule drop-down arrow to select a payroll schedule payroll schedule to assign for all your employees if they're all on the same pay frequency.

    If you can't find the payroll schedule that you want to assign, click to set up a new payroll schedule.

    The Pay Frequency field updates automatically when you select a payroll schedule and becomes grayed out.

  5. (Optional for those who track payroll expenses by class) If you want to assign most of your employees to the same class, choose a class type from the drop-down list.

    For example, you can use classes to group employees by location or by department.

  6. (Optional) Select the Use time data to create paychecks checkbox if you want employees' hours from your time data to prefill paychecks.

    How time data appears on paychecks

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