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Enter benefits and other payroll adjustments

Regardless of how you have set up your employee defaults, you can customize benefits and adjustments to gross or net pay for each employee. These benefits and adjustments can include the following:

  • Deductions, such as health insurance, payments to a retirement plan, or union dues

  • Company-paid benefits, such as health or life insurance

  • Additions, such as employee loans, reimbursed travel expenses, or advances against salary

    Note: Do not add anything that you rarely include on this employee's paycheck, such as a once-a-year bonus. The items you include in the employee record will automatically prefill on the employee's paycheck. As an alternative, you can add items to a paycheck as needed.

To do this task
  1. Set up your payroll items first.

    Have you set up payroll items?
  2. Click Employee Center.

  3. Click the Employees tab, if necessary.

  4. If the employee is already on the list, double-click the employee's name.


    If the employee is not yet on the list, click New Employee at the top of the list.

  5. Click the Change tabs drop-down arrow and then click Payroll and Compensation Info.

  6. In the first available line of the Additions, Deductions, and Company Contributions table in the Payroll Info tab, select the payroll item from the Item Name drop-down arrow.

  7. Enter the amount that should be deducted from each paycheck. If there is an upper limit, put that amount in the Limit column.

    • If the amount for an item varies between paychecks, you can leave the Amount field blank and fill in the field in the Preview Paycheck window when you are paying the employee.

    • If the payroll item you want is not listed, click from the drop-down arrow.

  8. Enter other payroll items on additional lines of the table, as necessary.

    If any payroll items are based on a percentage of gross pay, the order in which you enter them in the table is important.

    How QuickBooks calculates gross pay

  9. Click OK to record the adjustments.

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