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Assigning allocated tips to an employee

When you have determined the amount of allocated tips for an employee, you can assign the amount to the employee in QuickBooks in either of two ways:

  • In the Liability Adjustment window, enter the amount as a positive "liability" adjustment for your allocated tips payroll item. If you see a message suggesting that you create a paycheck instead, ignore the message.

    Important: Make both the date and the effective date within the calendar year for the allocated tips. Also, be sure to specify the employee name.


  • Add your allocated tips payroll item and the amount to a regular paycheck for the employee. The amount does not affect the paycheck net amount. It does not print on the paycheck voucher or on a paystub.

Important: The paycheck date must be within the calendar year for the allocated tips.

In either case, you should enter the amount before sending any paychecks to QuickBooks Assisted Payroll for a new calendar year. If this is not possible, you must Go online contact Assisted Payroll.

To verify that you have entered the allocated tips correctly, create a payroll summary report or employee earnings summary report for the calendar year. Check that each employee has the correct total for allocated tips.

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