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View wage bases for taxes

To view wage bases for taxes, click Show Wage Bases in the YTD Adjustment window.

  • QuickBooks displays an additional column, Wage Base. If necessary, you can edit the amounts shown in this column. If you edit a wage base, QuickBooks uses the edited value to calculate the wage base for Form W-2 and reports.

  • If you add another payroll item to this window after editing a wage base, QuickBooks retains your edited value, although it calculates unedited values.

  • To make QuickBooks recalculate an edited wage base, delete it and press Tab.

QuickBooks calculates the wage base for taxes by adding the total of all earnings and commissions, adding those additions to gross pay subject to the tax, and then subtracting from gross pay those deductions that are not subject to the tax. The wage base does not include any income subject to tax that exceeds the tax limit.

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