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Use the Employees list

Displaying the Employees list

Click Employee Center and then click the Employees tab.

The list of your employees is displayed below the tabs.

What if I can't see one of my employees on this list?

What is stored in this list

This list stores payroll information about the employees in your company.

Sorting your Employees list

Viewing different sets of employees

Use the View drop-down arrow to make changes to the list of employees.

  • Click All Employees to see your active, inactive, and released employees.

  • Click Active Employees to see only your active employees.

  • Click Released Employees to see only your released employees.

Menu to display active, released, and inactive employees

Managing your employees

Right-click the list of employees to add, edit, delete, make an employee inactive, and so on. You can also use the toolbar buttons at the top to add a new employee, manage employee information, print the list, and so on.

See Managing your lists for more information.

Click Manage Employee Information on the toolbar and click Change New Employee Default Settings to set up payroll information that most or all employees have in common. If you set this up as employee defaults, you don't have to re-enter this information when setting up payroll for individual employees.

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