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About the employee record

Use the Employee Center to enter information about your employees or make changes to their existing information.

To do this task

  1. Click the Employee Center icon.

  2. Click the Employees tab.

  3. To add a new employee record, click New Employee at the top of the Employee Center, above the Employees tab.

    To edit an existing employee, double-click the employee record you want to edit, or click Edit Employee.

The New Employee or Edit Employee window has three sections (or four, if you have a QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll subscription), which you can access through the Change tabs drop-down arrow:

  • Personal Info

    Use this section to enter personal information about the employee, such as the employee's name, address, date of birth, and Social Security number.

  • Payroll and Compensation Info

    Use this section to enter the employee's salary or wages, taxes, and any other payroll items that affect the employee's pay.
  • Employment Info

    Use this section to enter employment information, such as the employee's hire date, release date, and employee type.
  • Workers Compensation (QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll only)

    Use this section to enter a default workers compensation code for the employee.

    Note: This option only appears when you've turned on the Workers Compensation feature.

How to move between the sections

Click the Change tabs drop-down arrow at the top of the window to move between sections of the New Employee or Edit Employee window.

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