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Fixing multiple advance EIC payroll items

QuickBooks automatically creates a payroll item to track Advance Earned Income Credit (EIC) payments. If you had multiple payroll items with the advance EIC Payment tax tracking in a previous version of QuickBooks, QuickBooks updates the first Addition payroll item that it finds with this tax tracking to the new advance EIC payroll item.

Note: Effective January 1, 2011, the option for advance EIC payments has been eliminated. Individuals eligible for the EIC may still claim it on their personal income tax returns, but employers may no longer advance a portion of the credit with each paycheck.

To verify if this is the correct advance EIC payroll item

  1. Go to the Lists menu and click Payroll Item list.

  2. Select the advance EIC payroll item in the Payroll Item list.

  3. Click the Reports button, then click QuickReport.

If the advance EIC payroll item is not the payroll item you formerly used to track advance EIC payments, return to the previous version of QuickBooks and merge the payroll items with the advance EIC tax tracking. Then update your data file again in the current version of QuickBooks.

Make sure the employee is subject to advance EIC in the employee record.

For detailed information about advance EIC (including current IRS requirements), Go onlinecontact the IRS.

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