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Fill in employee personal information for use in payroll

Click the Change tabs drop-down arrow at the top of the New Employee or Edit Employee window to move between sections and to enter or update employee information.

On the Personal tab:

  • Enter the name as you want it to appear on the employee's:

    • W-2 forms

    • State payroll tax forms that list individual employees and their earnings (QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll only)

  • If necessary, change the name in the Print on Checks as field.

    When you print paychecks, QuickBooks prints the name of the employee as it appears in this field.

    Note: The name should appear exactly as it is on file with the Social Security Administration. For example, if an employee goes by "Tim" but his legal name is "Timothy", enter Timothy.

  • Enter the employee's Social Security number. The number should match the number on the employee's social security card.

    QuickBooks observes federal standards for Social Security numbers. If the number you enter results in an error message, ask to see the employee's social security card, or call your local Social Security Administration office to check the validity of the number.

    Note: QuickBooks accepts 000-00-0000, the Social Administration's code for employees who have applied for but have not received a Social Security number.

  • Enter the gender of the employee (if required on payroll tax forms for this employee's state).

  • Enter the employee's date of birth.

On the Address and Contact tab:

  • Enter the address as you want it to appear on the employee's paychecks and W-2 forms. This address is also used as the destination address when you send paystubs to your employees via e-mail.

    If the employee is a member of the US military, you can use one of the military "state" abbreviations:

    • AA: For armed forces in the Americas, excluding Canada

    • AE: For armed forces in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Canada

    • AP: For armed forces in the Pacific and Alaska

On the Employment Info tab:

  • Enter the employee's Hire Date.

  • Leave the Release Date blank unless the person is no longer on your payroll.

  • Click the Type drop-down list and choose whether the employee is an officer or statutory employee. Otherwise, choose Regular. If the person is already on your Employees list but is an owner or partner, choose Owner to indicate this person is not on your payroll.

On the Workers Compensation tab (QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll):

  • Enter the employee's workers' compensation code.

    If you do not pay workers' compensation insurance for this employee, choose Exempt.

    If this employee usually works under more than one workers' compensation code per pay period, enter the code that is more frequently used. If another code is required for a specific pay period, enter it directly on the employee's paycheck.

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