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Track costs and reimbursements for employees

You may have employees who incur expenses for customers. You need to reimburse those employees, and then pass on the costs to the customer.

To reimburse employees and bill customers

  1. Have your employees track their expenses in the expense reports you're already using.

  2. Go to the Banking menu and click Write Checks.

  3. In the Write Checks window, write a reimbursement check to each employee (not a paycheck).

  4. In the check detail area, itemize each expense by customer and job, then record the check.

  5. Go to the Customers menu and click Create Invoices.

  6. Enter the information for that customer.

  7. From the invoice form, choose the reimbursable expenses you want to include on the invoice:

    1. Click the Add Time/Costs button on the Create Invoices window.

    2. In the Choose Billable Time and Expenses window, click the Expenses tab.

      You'll see the expenses incurred for each customer, with the name of the employee who incurred that expense in the payee field.

    3. Click the Checkmark column next to the expenses you want included on the invoice, and then click OK.

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