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Employee Summary

This feature is available only if you purchase the Employee Organizer.

Use the Employee Summary to create reports containing information about an employee or group of employees.

  1. From the Employees menu, choose Employee Organizer > Employee Summary.

  2. From the Employee Summary window, select the report to display from the Display list.

    • Company Compensation Review-Displays current compensation data for all employees, including their most recent compensation and any percentage change.

    • Employee Compensation History-Displays the Employee Compensation History and current compensation for a selected employee.

    • Employee Profile-Summarizes key employee information so you can quickly and easily verify it.

    • Year-to-date Payroll Summary-Displays payroll information (earnings, QTD, YTD) for each employee.

  3. For Employee Profile and Employee Compensation History reports, choose an employee.


    For Year-to-Date Payroll Summary and Company Compensation Review reports, select Active Employees only or clear the checkbox to view all employees, active and inactive.

  4. Click Display.

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