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Create a regular paycheck for an employee with Direct Deposit

Sometimes, an employee may want a "live" paycheck instead of a Direct Deposit paycheck.

To do this task

  1. Create the paychecks.

    If you're using payroll schedules, create paychecks using a payroll schedule. Also see Recreate paychecks from a scheduled payroll run for more information.

    If you're not using payroll schedules, create paychecks using Unscheduled Payroll.

  2. Click Open Paycheck Detail or click the employee's name to open the Preview Paycheck window.

  3. Click to clear the Use Direct Deposit checkbox in the upper right corner of the window.

  4. Enter the employee's paycheck information as usual, and click Save & Close.

    QuickBooks Assisted Payroll does not deposit this paycheck directly into the employee's account(s).

  5. Click Continue and then click Create Paychecks.

  6. Print the paycheck and give it to the employee.

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