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Manage Intuit Pay Cards

You can direct deposit all or part of an employee's paycheck to an Intuit Pay Card, just as you would to a bank account. (You must have activated direct deposit for your company to use this feature.) The Intuit Pay Card is a prepaid Visa debit card. Go onlineLearn more about Intuit Pay Cards.

You can request an Intuit Pay Card and set up payments to it at the same time using Payroll Setup.

To do this task

  1. From the Employees menu, choose Payroll Setup.

  2. Navigate to Employee Setup, display the Employee List, and double-click the name of the employee you want to pay by Intuit Pay Card.

  3. Click Next until you see the window to set up the employee's payment method.

  4. Select Direct deposit to Intuit Pay Card, if the employee wants his or her entire paycheck deposited to a pay card, or Split direct deposit amounts, if the employee wants part of each paycheck deposited to a bank account and part to a pay card.

    If you chose to split the amounts, select Intuit Pay Card for one or both of the two direct deposit destinations.

  5. Click Request a new pay card.

  6. Review the information in the New Intuit Pay Card Request window.

    If any information is missing or invalid, click Edit make the appropriate additions or changes. (Note that changes you make here do not update the information in QuickBooks, so you'll want to make notes of your changes in case you want to make the same corrections to your employee or company information in QuickBooks.)

  7. Click Request Pay Card.

    When you receive the confirmation that the Intuit Pay Card application was successful, you should print and save the account and routing numbers shown in the message. QuickBooks automatically updates the payment method window with these numbers, but you may need them in the future if you need to restore this information.

  8. Continue clicking Next and then Finish to save the employee information. Then click Finish Later to exit Payroll Setup.

Your employee should receive the new Intuit Pay Card in approximately 7 to 10 business days. When you run payroll, you can:

  • Leave the Direct Deposit column checked for this employee's paycheck. The paycheck is deposited on the card, and the employee can access the money as soon as the card arrives and the employee activates it.

  • Uncheck the Direct Deposit column for this employee's paycheck and create a printed check until the employee has received and activated the Intuit Pay Card.

Use Payroll Setup to make any changes to employees' direct deposit information, for example, to split payments between a bank account and an Intuit Pay Card or to change the amount or percentage of the paycheck associated with a bank account or pay card. If the employee has an existing Intuit Pay Card, you simply enter the account number and routing number for that card. If you did not keep a record of the account and routing numbers, your employee will need to contact Visa, using the phone number on the back of the Intuit Pay Card, to request them.

Important: The account number you enter in QuickBooks is not the 16-digit number on the front of the Intuit Pay Card.

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