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Create and send a direct deposit paycheck

Before you can write direct deposit paychecks, you need to:

Important: You need to send your paychecks at least two banking days before your company's payday because it takes time for the service to process your payroll information and transfer funds from your account into your employees' accounts. Example

Example goes here

To do this task

  1. Create the paychecks.

    If you're using payroll schedules, create paychecks using a payroll schedule. Also see Recreate paychecks from a scheduled payroll run for more information.

    If you're not using payroll schedules,create paychecks using Unscheduled Payroll.

  2. Make sure that the Use Direct Deposit checkbox is selected in the Preview Paycheck window or in the Direct Deposit column in the Review and Create Paychecks window.

    After you finish creating your checks, QuickBooks prompts you to go online and send them.

  3. Go to the Employees menu and click Send Payroll Data.

  4. Click Go Online to send your paychecks, or click Close when you're finished.

  5. Print the paychecks and distribute them to your employees.

    Even though your employees' paychecks are automatically deposited to their accounts, you still need to print an advice of deposit or pay stub to give to them for their records.

Advice of Deposit Forms. You can order advice of deposit forms directly from Intuit. These forms are used with the Direct Deposit option of the Intuit Payroll Services and are personalized with your company name and address. To learn more about and order advice of deposit forms, Go online visit the Intuit Marketplace or Go online call us.

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