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Change an employee's direct deposit bank account

Important: Employees must give written approval to you for direct deposit of their paychecks, and for changes to their direct deposit information, such as the bank in which you deposit their paychecks. Sample forms are included in the Assisted Payroll Signup Packet and the Go online Direct Deposit Getting Started Guide.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Employees menu, and then click Employee Center.

  2. From the list on the left, select the employee whose direct deposit account you want to change.

  3. Click Edit Direct Deposit in the Employee Information section.

  4. In the Direct Deposit window, be sure the Use Direct Deposit for checkbox is selected, and select whether to deposit the paycheck into one or two accounts.

  5. Enter the employee's new financial institution information.

    Where to find financial institution routing and account numbers

  6. If you chose to deposit to two accounts, enter the amount to be deposited in the first account and the remainder in the second account. The entire check must be deposited into either one or two accounts.

  7. Click OK in the Direct Deposit and Edit Employee windows.

Advice of Deposit Forms. You can order advice of deposit forms directly from Intuit. These forms are personalized with your company name and address. To learn more about and order advice of deposit forms, visit the Intuit Marketplace at Go online http://www.intuitmarket.com/directory.

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