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Set up Direct Deposit when you are already subscribed to a payroll service

When you have a subscription to QuickBooks Payroll, you may use the Direct Deposit service. To start using it, you simply need to activate it and get set up.

To do this task

  1. Activate Direct Deposit (Standard and Enhanced Payroll only. If you have Assisted Payroll, skip this step.)

    Activate Direct Deposit
  2. Print the Go online Direct Deposit Getting Started Guide.

  3. Complete the bank account verification process (as explained in the Getting Started Guide).

    Important: You will not be able to begin using the Direct Deposit service until you have completed this step.

  4. Set up direct deposit information for your employees.

  5. Order advice of deposit forms.

    You can order advice of deposit forms directly from Intuit. These forms are to be used with Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Payroll. They are personalized with your company name and address.

    To learn more about and order advice of deposit forms, visit Go online Intuit Marketplace.

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