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Remainder Amount

When you specify that the employee's paycheck is to be split between two accounts, use the Deposit Portion of Payment area to specify the initial amount (for example, 154.50) or percent (for example, 50%)of the paycheck to be deposited to the first account. The initial portion must be at least $1.

Next, specify whether this initial portion of the paycheck is to be deposited to a bank account or an Intuit Pay Card account.

Important: If the Intuit Pay Card option is greyed, QuickBooks does not have pay card information for this employee. Use Payroll Setup (Employees > Payroll Setup) to edit the employee's payment information and request a new Intuit Pay Card for the employee in one step.

For direct deposits to a bank account, enter the name of the employee's bank, the type of account, the account number, and the bank routing number.

For direct deposits to an existing Intuit Pay Card, QuickBooks displays the current pay card account and routing numbers. If you need to change this information, use Payroll Setup to edit the employee's payment information.

Use the Deposit the Remainder area to specify the account where the remainder of the paycheck should be deposited.

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