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What's important about the Direct Deposit window?

Use this window to set up and edit a vendor's bank account information for direct deposit payments. The vendor should supply the appropriate account and routing numbers on the Direct Deposit authorization form. Be sure that the vendor's bank account is not a foreign bank account.

By checking the Use Direct Deposit for checkbox, you are indicating that direct deposit is the default method you want to use when you pay this vendor.

If you want QuickBooks to send a confirmation email to the vendor when the direct deposit payment has processed, check the Send confirmation of direct deposits to checkbox and be sure that there is a valid email address in the box.

Note: Any email address you enter here overwrites the email address in the vendor information, even if you uncheck the checkbox. If you accidentally delete the email address or make an incorrect change to it, you should click Cancel to abandon your changes.

You can add or change the vendor email address at any time by selecting the vendor name from the Vendor Center and clicking Edit Vendor. On the Address Info tab of the Edit Vendor window, supply the new address in the E-mail field. If you need to change the bank account information, click the Additional Info tab and then click Direct Deposit.

The confirmation email to the vendor includes:

  • Your company name

  • The vendor's name

  • The net amount paid

  • The last four digits of the vendor's bank account number

  • The date the payment is expected to be deposited in the vendor's bank account

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